Ledgerback Sage Cooperative

Welcome to our temporary website!

Currently we are working on our website so please refer to this landing page and our Gitbook until we are done.

Please refer to the information below for more information about us.


Our research covers the following sectors of the DOTS ecosystem:

  • Blockchain Industry
  • Federated Social Networks (Fediverse)
  • Social and Purpose-driven Enterprises
  • Decentralized and Open Finance
  • Distributed Governance
  • Commons-oriented Peer Production
  • Open Access, Data, Knowledge movements
  • Individual Onboarding and Societal Adoption
  • Thinking

    The DOTS ecosystem is vast and very complex. For that reason, we share our research, experiences and insights to benefit others in the DOTS ecosystem to tackle their issues and concerns. You may find some of our recent publications touching on the DOTS ecosystem below.

    Recent Publications:

  • We the Nodes: Can Constitutions Unite Blockchain Communities?
  • Trading Energy: Will Blockchain disrupt the energy industry?
  • Employee Loyalty Programs: Has PayPal shown the way forward?
  • My Data! My Rules! How True is That?
  • About Us

    Ledgerback, also known as Ledgerback Cooperative, is a member-driven research, analysis and innovation cooperative for decentralized and open thinking and systems (DOTS).

    We hope to research, analyze and innovate the DOTS ecosystem to assist and support DOTS-related individuals, communities, and organizations (“people”), and non-DOTs-related people to adopt, support, and assist DOTS-related initiatives, thinking, and technologies.

    Careers & Opportunities

    We are always looking for new people to join us as we work on progressing the DOTS ecosystem.

    As a Co-operative, all of our members are also owners of Ledgerback, thereby each member has an equal stake in the affairs of Ledgerback.

    If you are interested in becoming a member, please do not hesitate to send us a message at ledgerback@gmail.com , Twitter , or Discord .